Pamper too much

While searching our database we found 1 possible solution for the: Pamper too much crossword clue. This crossword clue was last seen on May 4 2021 Crossword Champ Premium puzzle. The solution we have for Pamper too much has a total of 5 letters.




To plunder; to strip by violence; to pillage; to rob; -- with of before the name of the thing taken; as, to spoil one of his goods or possession.
To seize by violence;; to take by force; to plunder.
To cause to decay and perish; to corrput; to vitiate; to mar.
To render useless by injury; to injure fatally; to ruin; to destroy; as, to spoil paper; to have the crops spoiled by insects; to spoil the eyes by reading.
To practice plunder or robbery.
To lose the valuable qualities; to be corrupted; to decay; as, fruit will soon spoil in warm weather.
That which is taken from another by violence; especially, the plunder taken from an enemy; pillage; booty.
Public offices and their emoluments regarded as the peculiar property of a successful party or faction, to be bestowed for its own advantage; -- commonly in the plural; as to the victor belong the spoils.
That which is gained by strength or effort.
The act or practice of plundering; robbery; aste.
Corruption; cause of corruption.
The slough, or cast skin, of a serpent or other animal.

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