Crossword Champ Answers July 28,2016

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Crossword Champ July 28,2016 Answers


  1. Archaic ?before?
  2. Watery expanse
  3. Nose passage
  4. Feel unwell
  5. For each thing
  6. Sneak off to get married
  7. Can?t have kids
  8. Folk stories
  9. Become narrower
  10. Female stage performer
  11. Successor after death
  12. Sew down the edge of cloth
  13. Very drunk
  14. Day after Friday (abbr)
  15. Sound quality
  16. Edgar Allan ___ American writer editor
  17. Land measure
  18. W___ail a songbird
  19. (bugged)
  20. Possesses or owns something
  21. Further
  22. Fastened to a surface
  23. Stupid persons
  24. Unmanned aircraft
  25. Weaponry
  26. Move rhythmically to music
  27. The cat
  28. Literary evening
  29. Direct the course of a vehicle
  30. Deadly f___l
  31. Water droplets
  32. Right direction on the map
  33. ___ Ora British singer and actress
  34. Large plant-eating mammal
  35. Soul
  36. Snake-like swimmer
  37. Part of a city
  38. Caught a fish
  39. Warning signal
  40. Undersurface of a person?s shoe
  41. Human relatives
  42. Not as much
  43. ___ Witherspoon
  44. Pressed curd of milk
  45. Rest state
  46. Parent and teacher body at school
  47. Tree piece
  48. ___ Howard A Beautiful Mind director
  49. Concealed behind something
  50. My lips ___ sealed
  51. Mark Wahlberg starrer
  52. Theatre passageway
  53. Long time profession
  54. Colorless fluid in blood
  55. Therefore
  56. Totals up
  57. Mildly angry exclamation
  58. Sharpen a blade
  59. Analytical statistics
  60. Cavity in a cliff
  61. Slaughtered someone
  62. Go mouldy

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