Crossword Champ Answers August 9,2016

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Crossword Champ August 9,2016 Answers


  1. Affirmation of an oath (2 wds)
  2. Shrub of the mallow family
  3. Seed vessels
  4. Bathing container
  5. Face mask
  6. Solo opera
  7. Distress code signal of ships
  8. Toothless edentate mammals
  9. Greasing lubricant
  10. Puts handcuffs on
  11. Unescorted
  12. About 2000 pounds
  13. Turn upside down
  14. Neutral particle in nuclei
  15. Came across
  16. Ruptures
  17. Grown up female sheep
  18. Former old
  19. Parts of roof that meets the building
  20. Informal yes
  21. Experiment
  22. Harsher in texture
  23. Propelling paddle
  24. White oceanic bird
  25. Take a seat
  26. Observed
  27. Lustrous gemstone
  28. We a family
  29. Party giver
  30. Gambling city Nevada
  31. Directed
  32. Possessive pronoun
  33. Two persons
  34. Out of date
  35. Having an elliptical shape
  36. One’s range of awareness
  37. Wilson American actress
  38. Warned
  39. Copyright license
  40. Natural rocks
  41. Filth or dust
  42. Impudence
  43. Awake from sleep
  44. Atom that’s charged
  45. Heavyweight wrestling in Japan
  46. Unbolted
  47. Having the least moisture
  48. Chal medium
  49. U turn turnabout
  50. Has bills to pay
  51. Bird’s den
  52. Sovereign ruler
  53. Oppresive ruler
  54. Goodbye exclamation t
  55. Money in hand
  56. Having oil
  57. Hemispherical pearls m
  58. Cord string
  59. Norse capital
  60. Francisco city
  61. Annoy much
  62. Spread grass to dry

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